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I've been using Yonex for 20+years and probably have one of the largest collection of Yonex racquets on the forum. Let's just say I like Yonex racquets.

I purchased my first non-Yonex racquet back in January - Victor BSLYD and was very impressed.

The feel of this is notably different from Yonex racquets. There is a lot more communication from the LYD probably because there is slightly more vibration. Some say that Yonex put a dampening material in their racquets that mutes the vibration but Victor doesn't.

It didn't take me long to get used to the LYD and no timing issues. It was as though I've been using it all along. The quality of the racquet has been good, although I did have to return my first one as there was a rattle in the handle. I've had the racquet for abotu 6mths now and I've recently noticed a small split in the paintwork beneath the "T" and at the cone.

I was expecting the cone paint to split and flake, due to the long shaft - like the ArcZS but did not expect the paint under the "T" to split. However, it does not affect play and the overall quality of the paintwork is good.

There has been some questions over the quality control of the weight class of Victor racquets - which I must say I've not experienced first hand so cannot comment. Yonex do not seem to have this problem in my experience.

The LYD has served me well, but I am beginning to wonder if I would suit a slightly more head light balance. I have to say the LYD is not my go to racquet, but it's not far off.

Anyway, without digressing onto reviewing the LYD, I'd like to say that Victor is not a new brand, it was popular in the UK when I started playing 25yrs or so ago. So the experience and knowledge of making racquets is certainly there. It's just that they haven't had the attention that the other brands have had until recent years.

In terms of strings, I would say the quality is on par with Yonex ones except that as Victor only has a small range, they may not appeal to all. Victor strings are made in Japan (iirc) and their VS850 is one of the best strings I have ever used.

Will I buy another Victor?

... I'm already looking for one!

Someone sell me their BS12 KRP! LOL
vs850 is made in japan, but i think i had a set of either 800 or 880 which was made in china...