HI everyone,
Just a quick note to say hello, I am a newbie to this forum and to badminton but have got the bug! I last played around 25 years ago at school and have decided to take it up properly to get my "mountain fitness" back, to keep regular exercise and to meet new people.

I really am a beginner, I know nothing of the international players or competitions and am still getting the basics, so if I ask seemingly silly questions, please be gentle! When I play I suffer from being a cricketer..as I use my batting stance at the net and generally wallop the shuttle as hard as I would a cricket ball! So I am going to ahev to get a badminton brain as well as a cricket brain!

I play at Sleaford Badminton Club and they are all really patient with me and give me a bit of coaching, but I still make really stupid mistakes (although I have stopped trying to hit the shuttle when its my partners turn to return the service!)

So, looking forward to chatting and picking up tips from you all.

Best wishes