Hey everyone,

Just wanted to spread some awareness about a new footwork app you can download for your tablets. The app is free for both Android and Apple but only works with tablets (to my knowledge) as you need a larger screen to see it. This app was developed in Canada, so they asked me to be a part of their promotional videos, and the footwork caters to singles. Anyway, I hope you can try it out and see if it works for you. Again, it is free and you can get more information on http://lingbubadminton.com/.

For those who have tried footwork programs before (e.g. LingBu, BlackKnight Shadow Trainer), do you find them useful? Although it is always better to have someone else pointing for you, I'm curious whether you feel any difference in having someone/something tell you what to do vs. doing it on your own. Also, LingBu will tell you where you are hitting, which makes it unique, but is that a useful feature for you?

Thanks for the feedback,

Toby Ng
Badminton Canada