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    hi all.. i wanna know what's the proper way of doing a jump smash, or even a smash.. like what are the foot settings, and how your position of the raquect should be. and whne to do the smash. thanks.

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    This is the way i smash, the jumpsmash is my fav shot but its hard to explain.

    Anyway, the smash is actually simple. This is the way i play it, when i get a shot that i can smash like a short lift, i make sure that the shuttle is slightly infront of me so that i can take the shot at an angle. Once it comes to the right place, i have my weight on my back leg and transfer the weight to my front leg as i follow through with the smash.

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense but its the best way i can explain

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    Its a lot like a tennis serve (yes there is a jump in tennis serving), but you jump slightly higher, more compact, less shoulder turn and less follow through, but more wrist.

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