Your coach, Alvin Phan, is a certified badminton coach by the Singapore Sports Council and he is registered under the National Registry of Coaches. He is the founder and head coach at SF (Sixteen Feathers) Badminton.

Having played badminton for 14 years, Alvin has won many badminton competitions over the years. He has been coaching badminton for 7 years, both at schools and privately.

In these 4 lessons, your child will learn:
• Basic badminton strokes
• How to hold the racket correctly
• Basic badminton drills
• Movement on the court
• Basic badminton techniques

At the end of this course, your child will have the fundamental knowledge and skills to play a game of badminton effectively. Weekly sessions start on 24th Aug, 5 - 7pm, at Jurong West Sports Hall.

A good coach will sustain a child’s interest in badminton and coach the proper methods for effective play while preventing injuries.

Do take this chance to develop the good habit of exercising and perseverance in your child.

Go to or call 84818408 to enroll today to secure your slot!