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    Default Hawk-Eye technology may be introduced within a year

    Channel NewsAsia, Singapore

    By Patwant Singh
    POSTED: 07 Aug 2013 5:34 PM

    SINGAPORE: Hawk-Eye technology may be introduced in badminton within a year, revealed Badminton World Federation's (BWF) President Poul Erik Hoyer during his stop-over in Singapore.

    "We are now going to the next level to really see how we can incorporate the system.... I really love to have that element incorporated in badminton,"
    said Mr Hoyer who is heading to China for the BWF World Championships.

    The sport is keen to adopt the technology to reduce human error. Players often complained about officials making erroneous or biased decisions, especially on line-calls.

    The technology was tried out at the recent Indonesia Open. However, more work needs to be done as it is more challenging to capture a shuttle cock on camera as compared to a tennis ball.

    Once the specifications are sorted out, a bidding process would be called with plans to introduce it by next year.

    The Hawk-Eye technology will only be deployed for semi-finals and finals of major tournaments.

    Mr Hoyer also held talks with sponsors, organisers and the Singapore Badminton Association during his stop-over.

    He said Singapore, given its excellent infrastructure, can host major tournaments.

    Mr Hoyer added he will lend his support if Singapore shows interest in hosting these events.

    The 47-year-old Dane also visited the Singapore Sports School where he interacted with the students.

    A men's singles gold medallist at the 1996 Olympic, Mr Hoyer thinks that Singapore can learn from Denmark in terms of developing the sport.

    Despite its small population, Denmark has excelled by allowing kids as young as 10 to play more badminton in schools under a proper coaching education system.

    - CNA/fa

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    thanks for another rss feed :-/

    do you have anything to say about it, or do you just like to copy/paste?


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