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Thread: Ankle twisted

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    Default Ankle twisted

    Twisted my ankle pretty badly last night during a practice game and had some pain for a few moments. But it went away almost immediately. I think I was lucky wearing an ankle support. I guess without it I would've been in the hospital for X-rays.

    I feel some discomfort this morning but not serious enough to be concerned about.

    Thank you ankle support!
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    Yea i always have a Bad ankle Problem, like before i started playing serious about badminton, it was all Basketball for me. And i twist my Ankle so bad and so often, not i think my ankle is a little screwed up(it makes Clicking sounds when i rotate it:S). and it use to be so bad, i when to get X-rays and Physical Theripist, but i feel fine, and i jus kept playing with ankle supports ^^.
    I hate the Mornings after you have twisted your ankle, It Hurts so Much that i can barly walk =(, o wellz, now that i have twisted my ankle so much, i think im immune to another twish again ^^!!!! haha

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