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    Default Singles...


    What are you like at playing singles with friends (social and international)? I find being a doubles player that i try to attack too often and find myself all over the place...nothing better than doubles i feel
    It is funny tho trying to see me compete against higher level singles players, do you tend to avoid it?


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    Default Never!!

    Hi Matt!!

    I dont play singles anymore. When I was a junior I stopped and chose to play mixed and doubles instead.

    Many of my teammates from KMB often ask me if I want to play singles against them but Ive made it a rule for myself not to play.

    When this is said Im not bad at all. I think I could ok if I started concentrating on singles and gave up mensdoubles. That would not be a wise choice, do you think?

    Its not that easy to just play singles when Ive not been used to it for such a long time. Because, you move completely different in singles than in the doubles.

    Ive actually played one singles tournament as a senior. South African open I played all three categories and won them all.

    Kind Regards


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