NT Government is currently evicting the NT Badminton club from its hall that been the club's home for the last 30 years a dedicated sports facility, called the “Sports House” in Fannie Bay, NT, (That's in Darwin), without a replacement facility. The government’s explanation of this eviction is it needs to sell the land for housing development to the highest private bidder, to build medium/high density flats/town house for Darwin housing needs, in the place of the Badminton Hall.

In Darwin we have a strong Badminton community so we have setup a lobby group to first to delay the eviction which is set for this 20th of this month, and for a replacement facility.

Please help us by going to http://www.saveoursport.org.au/please-help and signing our online petitions, and liking us on Facebook.

We have been working hard and have even made onto the ABC news -- Video Clip at http://saveoursport.org.au/media/tv-and-video