I did a search on this and only one result was found, which didn't answer what i want to know.

Anyways, I was thinking of trying out Yonex Tour Grap. I have tried out Yonex Super Grap which leads me wondering the following:

Under the equipment review section of BC, badminton accessories, yonex and graps, there is Yonex Super Grap and Yonex Tour Grap. In both, all of the reviews seem to be quite similar in which they say it wears out quickly, quite thin, etc. I posted a review in the Super Grap section mentioning the same thing due to my experiences with Super Grap.

Due to me not ever experiencing Tour grap, the question(s) that are pondering in my head are: Is there any big significance between the two Graps (such as does one last longer than the other?, any specifics are welcome)

I was thinking that it could have been possible that many of the reviews under Tour Grap were based on experiences with Super Grap (perhaps there could have been a mix up). If they are so similar, they might as well have been named the same.

Thanks in advanced.