Hello there, I'm getting rid of my used 'Yonex' badminton shoes as they have worn out. I am looking for a new badminton shoe, specifically from the brand 'Li Ning'. I'm a net player so I want a shoe that enables quick and snapy movement. I am specifically looking for 'Li Ning' badminton shoes because my previous 'Yonex' shoes were really a let down and didn't match up to my spectations from looking at their website. I have read a lot about 'Li Ning' badminton shoes and saw many recommendations for it mostly about how well it fits and how seamless it feels to move around with because of its grippy traction, ultra soft cushioning & featherweight feel. Please recommend what you think is the best 'Li Ning' shoe for me and list down its advantages. I currently use a 'Karakal BN60' as for its extremely light and enables me snappy movement and reaction so you can see how important movement, reaction & timing is to me. Hope you can recommend the best suited shoe for me by knowing me playing style. Thanks