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    Default LiNing 9 Racquet Bag Review

    Just received this bright red bag yesterday and thought I would post up a mini review if anyone is interested. Trust me when I say this bag is bright and loud, but in a good way in that you won't see everyone with one at the club. The finish is shiny, but not tacky as in gaudy.

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    Bag is made VERY well, with great detail. Sides are hard polyurethane, however only backpack handles and centre handles. I guess you could cross one of the straps to opposite buckle and use as a single shoulder strap. Unfortunately no Li Ning branding on the straps themselves as I have seen them on certain bags. The bottom also has a screened LiNing logo. All stitching looks to be top notch. Zippers look to be super sturdy and should handle some abuse, but we'll keep an eye on that as time goes by.

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    Onto the inside. It is a thermo bag (centre compartment only) and so lined. There is plenty of space in the centre to store up to the 9 racquets as specced even in their respective covers and sleeves, and probably a couple more if you care to try. However, once done so don't expect too much room left over to carry shoes, water bottles, multiple shuttle tubes, and accessories on the outside storage areas. These 2 compartments are not thermo lined but no need really. What is a bit of a drawback is that they are thin or narrow. The majority of the space is taken up with the centre compartment, leaving little room for much else other than say extra shirt/shorts and towels. One of the side compartments has 2 mesh pockets to accommodate keys, grips, strings, scissors, Gu Gel, etc and what have you as well as the removable wet bag. The other is just storage and of the same size. There is also a supplied shoe bag which is a nice touch. The inside walls are all nicely lined and LiNing logoed tone on tone red.

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    Luckily I don't require carrying more than 3-5 racquets at any one time, so can live with the compartment spacing as is. I just put my shoes and shuttles in the centre compartment along with a water bottle and I'm good to go. This will probably be a deal breaker for many club players that do require that space. But aside from that "main" drawback, this bag, for what I paid ($100CND Black Friday) is a decent deal. Guys at my club seemed to like it, and after all isn't that what it's all about.
    If you need an other info just ask. The bag was purchased through LiNing Can. Been dealing with them
    for the last couple months, great communication and prompt next day free delivery too. And no, I'm not a sponsored member nor do I work there, just like the stuff is all, something you don't see coming and going at the clubs

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    I checked many other bags, and in the end, I just ordered this one. Sorry to bump an old thread, but this bag's the best at maintaining shape as the reviewer mentioned. So, I hope I can carry off this gaudy red. Since my car's the same color, I think so.

    My girlfriend insisted I buy this to match hers. I will now stop buying bags after this - now I have 3 bags - 1 Prince, 1 Yonex, 1 Lining.


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