right and where did they compete? Pan America. Where do I compete? Asia. Mmmmmm. There seems to be a very big gap in playing standard. So before you go flapping off your big mouth you should be able to rap your head around the fact that Asia obviously has better players then in Pan America.

Yes, and congratulations to David Snider. I like his playing style I heard he injured his hand and was out for a really long time. It's cool to see him back in form. Maybe he can get out to some tournaments.

The match in china was a big fail lol but I haven't gotten back into form yet from that huge holiday and my big waste of time in Malaysia. I'm going to take some time off tournament play to get back into shape. Perhaps a year or so. My ranking will go away but I will build it up again. I have to move away to earn some skrilla, then I will move to another part of China. I will be training with a provincial team in the future so I'm excited for my new "plan" I guess