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    Quote Originally Posted by arfandy View Post
    Just got the package from sunriseclick, ordered 4 t-shirts+3shorts, all XL just to be safe. The XL sizes are a bit bigger than my normal apparels but still within okay to wear. had to pay 11% VAT + $20 adm fee when the package was landed in Jakarta. Did anyone ever requested to report/write the goods value much lower to avoid taxes & duty for imported goods? I saw they reported my goods slightly below what i had paid (which is good for me). I emailed them & thanked them to do so and asked if they could much lower the reported value for next order, and again... they said thank you for my good review on their services BUT NO ANSWER to what i asked.

    Btw, my package was literally inside the plastic bag, 1 layer of plastic bag! no boxes, no nothing, simply a plastic bag, sealed with tape, shipping sticker on it, and all good to go for export! Good they were only apparels. Aside their good promotion, i really wonder how would they ship out the rackets abroad? I know everything is super expensive in Singapore, but how much could it be for a box for delivery?
    It is quite normal to ship apparel in a plastic envelope. It's both lighter and less bulky from a shipping point of view ...
    Putting lower value on it is fraud so they are hardly going to answer that in black and white
    And here are the shipping rates for Singpost (Speedpost)
    Seems it would be at least S$39 to S$44 (S$61 for express) for under 1KG which should be possible for 1 racket in a box.
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