I'm planning to buy one of those rackets, because I dont really like the one I have right now. It's a no-name racket with a "medium to stiff" shaft (that's what they say on their website, dont ask me what exactly this should tell me^^) and a balance point around 285mm. It's meant to be an offensive racket, but in my opinion thats just not the case. I feel like I can't really produce a fast and decent swing with it, and thats why i want to buy a new one^^

I want an allround-racket, so nothing too head heavy like VT80/ZF or stuff like that. Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to test one of the rackets, so I want to know how these rackets compare to mine in terms of head heaviness. So does anyone know where these rackets have their balance points? I cant find any informations on the internet ;( It doesnt need to be too accurate, I just want to know if its significantly higher than my racket.

Thanks in advance