I’m interested only in strings with good “feel”.

From those I’ve tried 99 and 66UM. Like them both, but the latter seems a bit better. I’ve heard also about 80p, haven’t tried it yet.

I would like to hear opinions on which of them fits my parameters better, considering durability and drop tension. I will string it 20 lbs, max 21. With that tension will the “drop tension” be less noticeable for 66UM? Does it make any sense choosing such thin string for neylon and only for 20 lbs?

I play mostly doubles, trying to have more attacking style, but my smash is not that powerful yet. I presume it will become a bit more powerful with thicker string?

I’m also interested whether there is any difference between stringing for neylon for flexible and stiff rackets? Is it better to play neylon with flexible racket or it depends on my skills?