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    Question Racket Help Please!


    I am 17 years old, been playing for 5 years now and am playing at county junior level. I was very happy with my Nanospeed 9900 strung with BG80 at 23lbs, but it was recently stolen and I now need to replace it, so I thought of moving forward in the tech. But takign a step back in costs as I can't afford another top end racket

    I believe the new range of Nanospeed's is the Nanoray series? are they also head light high stiffness? I am looking for something that feels the same or very similar and provides me with a bit more power or pop.

    I am an aggressive player, working mainly with my smash as a weapon. I also like to have control with drop shots and some net play in occasional doubles games.

    Eventhough I am looking for a similar racket, I am open to suggestions of alternative types, but am quite liking Yonex.

    Any help or further questions would be fab thanks


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    to me the nanoray700fx seems to be pretty close to nanospeed9900, but the nanospeed 9900 might be a bit stiffer. the nanoray800 will have similar stuffness, but a bit heavier than nanospeed9900, that might be something you want to look into because it might you the extra power with the extra weight of the racket.

    you might want to think about dc badminton rackets too, quality is on par with yonex in my opinion.


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