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    Default NEWS: Asia Cup draw and fixtures.

    <b>Asia Cup Draw:</b>

    Group A
    Indonesia (holders)
    Hong Kong

    Group B

    <b>Asia Cup Fixtures:</b>

    Wednesday, 2 May
    Ct. 1: Indonesia vs. Singapore
    Ct. 2: Korea vs. Hong Kong
    Ct. 3: Malaysia vs. Japan
    Ct. 4: China vs. India

    Thursday, 3 May
    Ct. 1: Indonesia vs. Hong Kong
    Ct. 2: Korea vs. Singapore
    Ct. 3: Malaysia vs. India
    Ct. 4: China vs. Japan

    Friday, 4 May
    Ct. 1: Indonesia vs. Korea
    Ct. 2: Hong Kong vs. Singapore
    Ct. 3: Japan vs. India
    Ct. 4: China vs. Malaysia

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    Default Re: NEWS: Asia Cup draw and fixtures.

    is it a foregone conclusion that Indonesia, Korea, China & Malaysia would be the semi-finalists?
    gopichand is a disappointment.initially he was reported as a participant. now reports in India say he intends to skip the event & concentrate on the WC instead.
    difficult to predict the Taufik & Hendrawan have not been heard for some time ........also are the Korean singles are really hovering at the top???????? ........Choon Hann & Ewe Hock have been known to be blowing hot & cold lately........Chen Hong & Xiao Hui have also not been consistent.
    so it's anyboby's guess who would walk away with the Cup & US$80 000.

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    Default Re: NEWS: Asia Cup draw and fixtures.

    Yeah, I think it's a foregone conclusion that these 4 teams are gonna make the semis... hey, they'd better okay!!! After I spent 16 bucks on the tickets... fine, it ain't that much really. But you're right, it's anybody's guess who will walk away with the title.

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    Default Re: NEWS: Asia Cup draw and fixtures.

    Here is my analysis on the top of table clash for each group:

    Group A: Indonesia vs Korea

    Ist Singles: Taufik vs Lee Hyun-Ill
    Taufik, being the more talented player has slight edge. However, the Korean is in good form judging from his performance in Tokyo.
    55-45 match for Indonesia.

    Doubles: Chandra-Sigit vs Dong soo-Yong sung
    Chandra-Sigit shall win for Indonesia. The Koreans are quite erratic and not as consistent as the Indonesian. They are fast players but error-prone.
    Point for Indonesia.

    2nd Singles: Hendrawan vs Shon Seung-moo
    Expect a close match. Hendrawan is getting old and may find the going tough against the energetic Korean. A match of brain vs brawn.
    50-50 match.

    Overall, Indonesia has a slight edge.

    Group B: China vs Malaysia

    1st Singles: Chen Hong vs Ong Ewe Hock
    Chen Hong is clearly the better player. Ewe Hock is no longer the force he used to be 2 years ago.
    Point for China.

    Doubles: Zhang Wei-Zhang Jun vs Chan Chong Ming-Chew Chun Eng
    The fast improving young Msian pair will be going all out to prove that their victory over the Chinese is no fluke. Being a fast and strong attacking pair, Chan-Chew shall bring a point for Msia.
    60-40 in Malaysia's favour.

    2nd Singles: Xiao Hui vs Wong Choon Hann
    Choon Hann shall bring a point for Msia, if he has regained his touch and fitness. The Chinese is still young and lack of experience.
    Point for Malaysia.

    Malaysia has slight edge if Wong Choon Hann managed to regain his fitness.

    Predicted semi-finals showdown:
    Indonesia vs China
    Malaysia vs Korea

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    Default Re: NEWS: Asia Cup draw and fixtures.

    prolly whoever wins the top of the table clash will top the group.

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    Default Re: NEWS: Asia Cup draw and fixtures.

    Msia will have delayed telecast of semis on 5/5/01 at midnite

    local time and 3rd & 4th placings live at 10am local time on 6/5

    and finals live at 1 pm local time on 6/5 on NTV7.Astro will

    have all the matches telecast delayed after 15/5 on

    Supersport, for those interested.

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