Hi there,

You, probably, already heard about our upcoming "Under 20 / Over 20" tournament on May 11, 2014. But for those of you, who didn't, here is some background:

Georgian Bay (Ontario, Canada) Junior and Adult clubs enjoy playing with each other. Unfortunately, we rarely meet at any tournaments because of age differences. We now decided to combine both leagues and all have fun in one tournament.

Major requirements for this tournament are:
- One partner must be Under 20 years old (no younger than 14 in a year of a tournament);

- Another partner must be Over 20 years old;
- A minimum of 10 years gap should be between partners*
*exceptions to the above rules may be considered by the tournament organizer on a case by case basis

We will have just one event - doubles and mixed will be played together. A minimum of three matches are guaranteed. Two feather shuttles per match are provided.

We encourage you to find partners yourself. However, if you never played with players from another league (juniors never played with adults or adults don't normally play with juniors), please, make sure that you register sooner than later, as matching you with the right partner might be a challenge for us if you will register on a registration due date of May 2, 2014.

Registration and additional information about the tournament could be found at Favourite Badminton Club's web-site: