I will also use this thread to say 'hi', as this is my first post here: hi, BadmintonCentral! To the point: I have an elbow problem. It's a bit more complicated than that, but let's just say I cannot use much strength with my right hand, as it causes a lot of pain. This does not only concern badminton, of course - sometimes even playing guitar causes it. I'm not looking for advice on this - I've already sought professional medical advice and I know what's going on. So, currently I'm using Armortec 250 as my main racket. I'm looking for something lighter and less head-heavy - if my doctor is right, this COULD make the pain go away (you can't be 100% certain, but I think it's wort a shot). I'd love some good control, as with my condition I can only afford to smash hard once in a while; so drops, drops, and some more drops maybe. Medium flex seems reasonable, then. Another thing - I don't want to spend much money on the racket, I just can't afford it with my typical Polish salary So, if I was to put my Yonex down, sell it or make it wait for a medical miracle on my part, would Apacs Slayer 660 (this one) be a good choice? It's definitely lighter and less head-heavy; also, with the high string tension I could even smash nicely sometimes. And the price is great; I could afford a little bit more, but if that racket is alright, then why would I...? Especially that I'll also have to cover the international shipping. I'd really appreciate some advice here; there are thousands of rackets to choose from and I'm quite lost in all this. Thanks in advance, guys! Felan