I am looking for someone to mainly practice/train together as I think it's important to practice some of the shots in order to master them or to avoid making few mistakes during the games. I used to have a partner to practice together but we live quite far away so had to stop. What we did was we feed to each other in turn so that both get chances to practice the shot he thinks he needs practice. We normally book a two hour court and practice for the 1st hour; then play games during the 2nd hour. We only did four/five sessions and both found it quite useful as when playing you don't get chance to practice a particular shot that much. Well, practice makes perfect! So if you live in the area or nearby and want to practice to improve your badminton skills please get in touch.

I have played for a number of years by now and regularly play at local clubs and would say my level is intermediate/semi advance (always find it hard to define the level exactly...)