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    Default BBeshop: Shop in Beijing (China)

    just want to share my findings about my trusty shop in Beijing
    I'm sure some of you know about it already, it is the (blue sky badminton shop)
    They are an online shop (ships overseas) which also has physical store in Beijing (they also has branch shops in Shanghai, but their headquarter is in Beijing).
    I stumbled it when I want to find a good badminton shop to buy shuttlecocks and shoes. it is located in Weigongcun area.

    I checked their products (checked their Yonex cone code and serial number) and they sell genuine products ranging from:
    Racket: Yonex, Kason, Li-ning, Victor, Gosen, Toalson, Carlton, Wilson, etc.
    String: Yonex, Li-ning, Victor
    Shoes: Yonex, Li-ning, Victor
    Shuttlecock: Yonex, Victor, Li-ning, RSL, and HangYu
    bag, socks, clothes, shorts, grips, and stringing service (pretty much anything you need to play badminton!)

    IMO, their price is cheaper than other places (eps if you are afraid of buying expensive racket from
    their stringing service is also cheap. BG66UM will only costs you 42RMB (around 4.2 or 6-7USD). however, do note that they are using manual crank machine

    they are very friendly people but you need to know a little bit of Chinese to buy things. they are not used to foreigners (yes, they are so clueless that one of them ask, Is Taufik an Indonesian?)

    their in store price and their online price are same, it is fixed (in their website, look at the right most price for their store price), maybe they will reduce for 1 RMB..

    me and my friends bought:
    2x VT Z-force 2
    1x BS LYD
    1x Kason
    1x SHB-200
    1x shoes
    3x socks
    7 times using their stringing service
    10+ tube of shuttlecocks

    they are located in Wei Gong Cun near the Bei Wai University. the place is a little bit hard to find, but if you use GPS, it should be fine

    Chinese (using RMB):
    English (using USD):

    how to go there:
    show this to the driver (if you use taxi):
    北京蓝天总店地址:北京市海淀区魏公村路8号院院外5号楼一层蓝天体育店(即魏公村路和民族大学西路相交路 口西南角路西)邮编:100081

    if you use the subway / mrt / metro / ditie:
    go to wei gong cun stasion (line 4) go out and turn to the right from the big intersection go straight (a little bit long, for 5-10 minutes ) until you find a road on your left. go and enter that road (it is a road where a car allowed to go in). go in a little bit and you can find the shop on your right (

    using the map:

    look at the map, try to find: 地铁4号
    from there, you will see the big "+" intersection go to the west, until you find the road (check the map where they mark their shop in blue), then go to the south it will going to take you around 5-10 minutes walk, so don't worry if you can't find it straight away
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    Hello Avenger, I wanted to say Thanks a lot for your post.

    I am in Beijing at the moment, at 人民大学 so only one metro stop from 蓝天羽毛球 shop and I still got lost the first time I went looking for that shop

    Anyway, I went their looking especially for a couple of rackets : AS FB / AS 11 / Nanoray 900 / NR Z-speed and couple of Li-Ning too.
    The AS FB/ AS 11 were 1230RMB which is around ~145€. The same prices than in a few shop in France.

    I have to say their prices were quite higher than expected. But maybe my expectations were just too high on prices for badminton equipment in China. For example, visited the Li-Ning Flagship store in Wangfujin and after currency conversion (RMB -> Euro) the Li-ning ND 90-II was around 230€. Which I thought was atrocious when you can find it for 175 € on french badminton onlinie shop.

    Still others things like grips and shuttlecocks are really so much cheaper than I am even thinking about buying a whole bunch of these and bringing them back to europe.

    I don't know about bags and shoes yet, time was running out but since it is only one station away from my university I will have a look and share the comparison.

    the main reference shop i have is (only available in french though) and the have really agressive prices, especially on rackets.

    anyway, Thanks a lot again Avenger for the map and the whole explanation, it really was useful and if anyone is to stay within the Universities neighbourhoods in Beijing and is willing to buy badminton equipment, it is the place to go without a doubt

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    I believe there are few of bbeshop in Beijing. I went to one of them when i was studying chinese language there (i forgot where, but it's close to Capital Normal University). I bought 1 pair of Kason C7 and that FHF used, Li Ning N50, VT80, Victor The Legend, 2 sets of Qiao Fa Li (it's a dumbell for wrist training), 1 set of portable badminton net, several victor/kason shirts and pants, and many more. Indeed, their Li Ning racket is slightly cheaper than that Li Ning shop in Wangfujin rd. It's been 3 years since i left Beijing, and been travelling around Asia countries BUT only in bbeshop Beijing i found it most satifying in selecting the products, authentication of the product, and reasonable prices. I believe the owner was a women, which she took quite many photoshot together with nearly all famous Chinese badminton players.


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