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    Default BWF To Test Scoring Option 5 x 11

    Personally I don't really like this scoring system(5 x 11), ... One of the reason given by the BWF for changing from 3 x 21 is to reduce the time of the matches, and lack of excitement when there are big points difference...

    Would that fair for audiences like us???? as we would like to see more of the playing from the players...Imagine, what if a top player playing with an underdog player,...and the scoring only like 11-4, 11-5, 11-3....and only last for 30mins or less.... .. hmm.....for me it won't be enough shows from the game...beside...we as an audience who will pay for the ticket and products... as for the ads who sponsored for the games or matches will be less exposed to audiences these are the whole purpose from the advertisement companies right??? Shows shown on tv, sponsorships, games...etc...all about to entertain the audiences as to get them or us to see more and buy more....

    These just from my point of views and i also think that the BWF should also get feedback from audiences not just from the what u guys think????
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