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I'll try to put up a video when i get to string one of my Meteor JJS. You'll see A LOT more loose string in between grommets (top of head and bottom of head) when I string with 2 piece 4 knots. This is less of an issue if you're stringing 1 piece 2 knots (i've tried Haribito Pro) since you can pre-weave and plan things out.

I'll expect plenty of comments for that video since my tie-offs may be a tad long since i skip the "extra cross" at the bottom of the head. I really see no point to it and i save some string from my reels =)
I have to use six loops when I do Meteors (but then I do it properly and include the bottom cross). Nothing like getting halfway up a Lee Dong Keun 32/33 MX80 and realizing you've forgotten to put them in...