I'm currently using LiNing A+90 (77) for practice and play. So far, it's not bad, maintains speed and travel even when a small part of the feather is chipped off. However, the stems aren't too durable. Had a few break off in 1 hit. In general, my wife and I use about 2-3 per hour even though she mishits a fair number of times - still learning, which is fine. Will sometimes use 3-5 per hour if playing doubles.

I'm considering other shuttles at the moment. Read good things about the following:
- RCL Titanium / Black No. 1
- Youhe S-100

Trying to get my friend to get these for me from Malaysia.

Question 1: Should I ask him to get (76)? or (77)?
Question 2: Are those 2 better than LiNing A+90?
Question 3: For the price/durability, the 2 choices are pretty much bang for buck?

I know there are already many threads about shuttles, durability and ideal for practice etc. Apologies if my question has already been answered previously. Searched it but didn't really get a firm answer.