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    Default Badminton Techniques Guide/Help

    As my first post, I would like to talk about various techniques used in the game. Hopefully this Guide can help others improve their game and add to their knowledge. Seeing how I am a novice in this game, I have very little knowledge and advice I can properly explain, but I will try to explain what I think various techniques are and how they should be executed.

    Serve(Forehand/Underhand, Backhand/Chest/Waist)

    Anyways what help i need is about Cuts and Drops.
    I find i am doing them too slow and too high of an angle. I try to do quicker/lower angles but having trouble as they go too low or end up being a quick shot that moves further on. Can anyway give any advice, esp Cutting which is really killing me right now.

    Anyways if anyone has any other Techniques/Explainations then just add a post and I will add them on later on.

    Thank you

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    There are many discussions on the techniques. finding them is another matter!

    Near the top of the page is a word called "search". Click on that and then go to 'advanced search'.

    In the key word section, type in your technique e.g. 'drop' or 'slice' or 'smash' etc.

    In the 'search in forum' box, highlight 'general forum'

    then click on the 'search now' box at the bottom.

    A list of previous threads which match your search will come up.

    you can then pick out the relevant threads.
    Feel free to add to them to ask for any clarification.

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    Hey Evolution0,

    As Cheung has mentioned, all of the issues you seek answers to has been discussed before. It's just a matter of combing through the old threads. There's a lot of knowledge shared in this forum. Read at your leisure and don't try to get all the answers right away. You won't be able to absorb so much in a short time anyway. Take your time and look through the threads before you post. Oh, and welcome to

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