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    Post Xuanze to make last-ditch attempt for Olympics at the ABC

    PETALING JAYA: The world menís singles champion Xia Xuanze will spearhead Chinaís team to the Asian Badminton Championships (ABC) from April 20-25 at the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium.

    Xuanze will be making a last ditch attempt to impress his coaches in order to be considered for the Athens Olympics.

    The ABC is the last tournament offering Olympic qualifying points.

    The International Badminton Federation (IBF) will finalise the qualifiers for the Olympics after the April 30 deadline.

    Although he is ranked sixth in the world, Xuanze is not assured of a place in the Olympic Games.

    There are three other Chinese ranked higher than Xuanze Ėworld number one Lin Dan, Chen Hong (No 2) and Bao Chunlai (No 5). All three will be skipping the ABC meet.

    A country is allowed to have a maximum of three entries and Xuanze will be hoping he can be among the three Chinese to make the trip to Athens.

    Besides Xuanze, the other menís singles players who will be making the trip to Malaysia are world number 10 Chen Yu, Chen Jin, Zhu Weilun and Hu Yun.

    As in the menís singles, they have also decided to send a mix of seniors and juniors for all the other events.

    The menís doubles will be led by world number six Sang Yang-Zheng Bo. The duo will be joined by Chen Qiqiu-Cheng Rui, Xie Zhongbo-Guo Zhendong, Sun Junjie-Xu Chen.

    Despite the absence of some top womenís singles players, China are still expected to emerge as the champions in the womenís singles and doubles events.

    Yesterday, Taiwan also confirmed their entries for the four-star tournament.


    Menís singles: Xia Xuanze, Chen Yu, Chen Jin, Zhu Weilun, Hu Yun.

    Menís doubles: Sang Yang-Zheng Bo, Chen Qiqiu-Cheng Rui, Xie Zhongbo-Guo Zhengdong, Sun Junjie-Xu Chen.

    Womenís singles: Jing Yanjiao, Chen Li, Chen Lanting, Zhu Lin, Li Wenyan.

    Womenís doubles: Wei Yili-Zhao Tingting, Du Jing-Yu Yang.

    Mixed doubles: Chen Qiqiu-Zhao Jiewen, Wang Wei, Zhang Jiewen, Xie Zhongbo-Yu Yang.

    Menís singles: Chien Yu-hsiu, Hiseh Yu-hsing.

    Menís doubles: Lin Wei Hsiang-Lee Sung-yuan, Tsai Chia hsin-Tseng Chung-lin, Huang Shih Chung-Chien Yu- hsun.

    Womenís singles: Cheng Shao-chieh.

    Womenís doubles: Chien Yu-chin-Cheng Wen-hsing.

    Mixed doubles: Tsai Chia-hsin-Cheng Wen Shing, Hsieh Yu-hsing-Chien Yu-chin.

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    xuanze going ABC??? hehehe
    then i'll go KL oso

    but if each country can only chooses 3.... Lin Dan, Chen Hong n Bao CHunlai oredi on the top.... do other players still stand a chance to b chosen for olympics???

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    I'm not sure if world ranking actually tells anything for a major event like the Olympics. Xia has a world championship under his belt and has a lot of experience. I think Bao is still too young and doesn't seem confident enough to compete in such a big event, but maybe that'll change after his recent victory over Lin Dan. I think the best choices for the team would be Xia, Chen, and Lin. Xia and Chen because they're "seniors" and this will be their last chance, not to mention they are the most experienced; and Lin because he's the current rising star and it would be pretty dumb not to send him. They are competing with other countries here, and so far Lin has consistently beaten anyone and everyone that's been in his way (he has a harder time with his teammates since they train together and know each other's moves, which is why I think Bao won).

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