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    Default Higher Tension = More Power?

    At my local badminton store, Asby sports. I read on this paper that HIGHER string tension = more control, and LOWER string tension = more power? Isnt it the other way around? Or is that right?

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    Default Re: Higher Tension = More Power?

    only partially correct. it depends on how hard you are hitting it, take a look at this <a target=top_ href="">posting</a> and see if that makes some sense.

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    Default Re: Higher Tension = More Power?

    i think the article means

    high tension:easy to control in terms of dropshots and slice shorts
    low tension :need more strength to repel the shuttle,this is especially true when defending the shuttle to the base.

    On top of that,when it comes to tension,the thickness of the string play an important part.Thinner string allows u to hit the shuttle much faster without using to much strength.the thicker string is vice versa.

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