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    Default what's ideal tension in my case???

    I just poped the factory string on my 6 days old raquet.
    I got bg-65 replacement strings.
    My raquet is a Pointfore Ti5500, fast, light, 3U.
    I'm a doubles player, and I smash heavy and I like alot of good precision dropshots and net play.

    I heard that bg 65 loses tension. what kind of tension should i have? 20 lb? I think my raquet can only handle 23 lb ??

    there goes 20 bucksters....

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    i'd go for higher tension. You don't want too much bounce for netshots. Also, the max power for smashes requires a higher tension in light racquets as compared to heavy racquets. I'd go to at least 23lb next time.

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