Tuesday, May 11, 2004, 1:42:02 AM


LI YONGBO, China's team manager
"Indonesia has a good and strong team but we consistently sustain our achievement as i am not surprised China lead a 3-0 win over Indonesia,"
"Our players have already adjusted themselves with noisy home spectators. They now are much better than before".

CHRISTIAN HADINATA, Indonesia's team manager
"To be honest, the result is beyond our expectation. Since the beginning, I have declared that we want win, although we also prepare to . Whoever want to overcome China must play excellent, not play only well."

"In team's competition, fighting spirit and the player's mental attitude are the pivotal key." In overall, I think China play without any mistakes. They played as if in their own home ground.

"Bao CHunlai have played superb, if not Taufik probably won the game."

"Salute for spectators, although we fail, they stay neutral"