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    Question Ti-7, MP-33, MP-55 or CAB30MS

    I was using Yonex Ti-6, but I found that it is not stiff enough for me, so i want to buy a new racket. I have borrowed a Ti-7 from my friend, and I found that it is quite good for me. Also, i find some racket which is stiff in flexibility, would anyone like to tell me the difference between Ti-7, MP-33, MP-55 and CAB30MS ?

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    Ti-7 is light and even balance, I find it good for control and net shot. MP33 and MP55 is more in the heavy side. Mp55 is very heavy and very head heavy even more than Ti-10. I find it also very stiff.

    For the Cab30MS I ahvent the chance to test it out completely yet so I canT help you but some ppl in teh forum say it feels like a MP99.

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