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    Not discounting RKEP, I am using their Super Soft grip, but I do find them short - that with any modest overlap, the grip will not cover the full length of a standard handle. I had to re-grip over and over just so it barely reaches the cone.

    Double checked the other offerings (King and Ultimate) and both have the same length as the Super Soft Might have to go back to Karakal PU or some other grip, maybe Yonex 102 or something.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gumbow View Post
    i'm using the Karakal DUO PU grips... when dry, they are very tacky... but once i start playing, they are as slippery as eels (i have very sweaty palms)

    was quite disappointed (and pissed) cos the forum seems to worship karakal grips
    i am surprised that you disappoint with the forum just because many like karakal grip. here, we just share the knowledge or opinions.
    are you sure is sweaty palm or the sweat was flow from arm? if from arm, use wrist band to absorb it and not let it get to the palm. if all fail, towel grip is your answer and you need to change it regularly.

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