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    Default NEWS : Danish coach criticizes five-hour badminton marathons

    Danish coach criticizes five-hour badminton marathons

    Jakarta Post

    JAKARTA (AFP): Denmark's head badminton coach has called for shorter games to help promote the sport worldwide after a Thomas and Uber Cup tournament which saw some fixtures drag on for more than five hours.

    Steen Pedersen, whose men's team were beaten 3-1 by China in the men's Thomas Cup final late on Sunday, said none of the Danish television stations had broadcast the tournament despite Denmark being second seeds.

    "Television has not bought this because it's so unpredictable how long each match will take," he said.

    "I don't think there's a lot of people except for us who want to see something for five hours -- I think we have the wrong scoring system."

    He said the players' rhythm had been disrupted by the arrangements which saw many matches dragging on past midnight.

    "It's been a very good set-up here in Indonesia but I think we started the matches too late and the matches are too long," he said.

    "The IBF is to blame because you have to change your whole rhythm. Two nights ago we had dinner at 3:00 a.m. instead of being asleep so that can affect your badminton." China's five hour-plus victory over Denmark on Sunday wrapped up a deserved Thomas and Uber Cup double with their women claiming their fourth successive trophy a day earlier.

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    The chinese definitely had the upper hand here, they love late supper (siu yeh) and sleeping late I know I do

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