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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete LSD

    Do you remember the type of stringing machine used to string your racquet in China? Is a hand crack and with side supports? type of head and throat mount? Stringing method: main tension vs cross tension? What string was used?
    Hand crank. NOt sure about the side supports or the throat, but had 8 points (12, 6, 3, 9, 2, 4, 7, 11 o'clock).

    In BG-65 (actually a much harder string than was used to, but I still think was higher tension)

    One string method.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feng_MP-100
    How is BG-65? I know it is very durable. But on the site, the repulsion is sooo low. Which means I need a lot of power to hit it far and fast? What if I string it @ 23lbs???
    This is a great site, full of badminton enthusiasts and their extensive knowledge and expertise. But you should remember that most of the people here are tech-heads too They will endlessly debate the pros and cons of different strings, but this debate is a relatively poor guide to choosing a string for you.

    If you look through the reviews and forum posts in detail, you will find that for nearly every (Yonex) string there are some people who love it and some who hate it. Sadly, the only way to know what's good for you is to try the string.

    The only truly objective information on this site about strings is their durability. All other judgements (power, control, "feel", hitting sound...) are very much dependent on the individual.

    My advice, therefore, is this: try BG65, because if you like it then you will save a lot of money on restrings compared to BG85. There are many people here, including me, who think that BG65 is pretty similar to BG85 in terms of power, control etc.

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