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    Default Tensions...need help

    can anyone help me on string tensions, cuz i think i need help. i have some high end raquets that i play with on bg 65 at about 23lbs. However, i occasionally play with cheap raquets taht still has it's original strings, and found i had much more control with it? is that normal, or am i just weird? also, should i lower my strings to that kind of tension, or not?

    did anyone try the raquet 'MMOA SPECIAL I' before?? i really like the tension of tha raquet... how many pounds are those when it first came out of the factory?

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    If u feel more confortable with the default string, most likely 23 lb is way too high for u. With my experience, most default string tension should be no more than 20lb range. Try to lower ur tension by at least 2 lb, and try it.

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