Hello fellow Swedes (or others who know)!

I'm interested in playing some competitions but need help to decide
which ones (2-3).

If you have played any of these (or play/train at these places) would
you like to share your opinions?

Aug 21-22 Komets Hösttävling,Järfälla A,B,C

Sep 11-12 Kista Seniortävling A,B,C
18-19 Viking Cup, Sollentuna C,U17-U11

Okt 2-3 Skogås Yonex Seniortävling A,B,C
8-10 Spåret Open, Enskede A,B,C,U17-U11
23-24 Olligång Senior, Hallunda A,B,C

Nov 6-7 Lidingöskeppet A,B,C,U15-U13

Dec 11-12 Komets Vintertävling, Järfälla A,B,C

How would you rank them based on:
Arrangement, court/hall quality etc.

I will participate in C-klass, single ev. dubble.

TIA / mats