Dear all,

I need your help.~~~~
I've got an old badminton racket(at least 9~10yrs). Got it from my school mate(50 pounds,UK) at that time. I've been searching for more info on this racket for sometime now. I've just bought Forza Ti 6 CF and I feel my old racket isn't bad at all.

All I know about my racket is what it says on the racket,

It's got large "e" logo at the end of grip. 'Eclipse' text on the head and on the shaft "Longer main strings for extra power. Larger sweetspot for more feel and control." and "Eclipse Powerzone - Graphite and Fibreglass construction for extra stiffness"(guess the model name is Eclipse or something).

Interesting points on my racket

1. The head shape is very odd, It's abit like Y-joint from prince but much smoother so shaft to the head are all curves. The longest string inside head area is 28.5 mm

2. Head, Shaft (and maybe grip too, because I wasn't able to find any joints or gap) are one body without any joint.

I would like to know the manufacturer of this and any input from eclipse users



P.s will send you a pic of my racket if it helps