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    Smile Toughest Opponent

    Hi Laybourn,

    Who do you think is the toughest opponent you have played. And have you ever play with Choong Tan Fook or any Indonesian doubles ? Were they good ?

    Anyway how old and tall are you ? I cant find your age on the IBF website but surprised to discover that Micheal Lamp is 193 cm. I feel that you are taller than him but you dun seem taller than 190cm

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    Hi Fook90

    Well we just played Alven and Luluk of Indonesia and lost i 3 sets. We played Halim and Wijaya from Indo and lost 15.5 15.13 but it was a good match. I think Halim and Wijaya are the toughest we have played from Indo, but offcourse the toughest one were Ha and Kim from Korea, that was 2 years ago and we really got a beatin

    I am 26 and 182 cm tall. It is correct that Michael Lamp is 193, but maybe you are mixing Michael and my partner together because Peter Steffensen is only 179.

    I hope that clears your answers.


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