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    Default News : Singapore's Badminton Players Say They Are Prepared For Olympic Challenge

    Wednesday, August 4, 2004

    Singapore's badminton players say they are prepared for Olympic challenge

    Patwant Singh

    SINGAPORE : It is their first ever Olympic Games, but the Singapore shuttlers are not letting the pressure get to them.

    Ronald Susilo, Li Li and Jiang Yanmei will represent Singapore at Athen 2004.

    All three have been going through an intensive training regime and claim they are prepared for the biggest sporting event of their careers.

    The trio who will leave for Athens on National Day.

    Singapores' badminton players Olympic preparations are on track with intensive training sessions at the Singapore Badminton Hall.

    For Ronald Susilo, he's confident that he stands a good chance of a medal as he's in top form now.

    Another boost for him, the fact that each country can only send their top 3 players, thus reducing the competition.

    Singapore's top shuttler is currently ranked 10th in the world after his recent Japan Open win.

    Susilo however feels that his biggest career win could cut both ways.

    He said: "It will be both because our opponents will start to watch us all the way we play. At the same time it boosts my fighting spirit because I'm confident of myself. I'm there and able to compete with the rest of the field."

    Already his training here consists of sparring with not one but two opponents at a go.

    It is to help him increase his speed on the court.

    Also speeding around on court, the 2 female shuttlers who are heading to Athens.

    Commonwealth Games gold medalist Li Li and Jiang, who took silver in the mixed team event at Manchester.

    Both want to ensure that nerves do not get the better of them.

    Li Li said: "Because this is a very big tournament I just go there and enjoy the game."

    Jiang said: "Step by step play the first game and then think about it."

    Whatever the case the shuttlers will be under pressure especially Susilo,

    As Singaporeans await to see if he will be the one to break Singapore's long awaited Olympic drought.

    The Republic last won a silver medal in weight lifting at the 1960 Rome Olympics.

    (source: ChannelNews Asia)

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    It will be great if ronald susilo can make again what he did at the japan open =)

    I think he deserves at least one medal, whatever type of medal

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