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    Default Day 3 Evening Session report

    Hi again! Just got back from the Day 3 evening session. The matches were generally a bit more interesting today, and I had a pretty crappy seat, so I was concentrating more on the two courts closest to me. Anyway, here's what I saw
    Hashim vs Kuncoro
    An awesome game. Kuncoro was fast as lightning. The rallies towards the end of the 2nd game were quite incredible, must have been 20-30 shots every time.
    Park Tae Sang vs Gupta
    Gupta actually played OK in this match, the scroreline (15-11? 15-0) doesn't really reflect that. He had a very casual style, it reminded me of Gopichand when he won the All England a couple of years ago.
    Sato vs Bao Chunlai
    Bao had Sato running everywhere, he was constantly digging the shuttle out of the back corners, wasting a stack of energy. When he did get the attack he made some vicious kills, but it didn't happen often enough.
    Vasconcelos vs Rich Vaughan
    Vaughan looking pretty comfortable
    Ken Jonassen vs Chen Hong
    Jonassen worked hard to take the first game. He covered a lot of ground, and I think he payed for it later in the match. Initially Jonassen was doing some unplayable tumbling net shots, Chen was losing the game at the net. But he couldn't maintain the standard as the game wore on, and once you give Chen an inch, he'll batter you into submission. Chen was very appreciative of the crowd after the match, which suprised me as the support had been almost entirely for the Dane. Actually Chinese support seems to be almost non-existent at these events
    Paaske & Rasmussen vs Yim & Kim
    Jonas was looking a bit tired towards the end of the 3rd game, I wonder if his victory earlier in the day was beginning to take it's toll. But he was still managing to do some of his awesome retrieving - making last ditch saves between his legs, behind his body etc. The Koreans were pretty ruthless on the attack.
    Hian & Limpele vs Clark & Robertson
    For some reason Clark & Robertson kept lifting the shuttle, Limpele had a very heavy smash so they lost a lot of points like that. They almost saved the 2nd game. The last shot of the game (smash by Clark) was called out by the line judge, but everyone else in the hall thought it was in.
    Kim & Ha vs Mateusiak & Logosz
    The Poles weren't as consistent as yesterday, they conceded far too many points as unforced errors. Mind you, if a pissed-off Kim Dong Moon was hammering the shuttle towards me, I'm sure I'd be making one or two errors as well. Ha not so vocal today, he saves that for the big matches, I guess.

    There's no evening session tomorrow (Tuesday) and I'm elsewhere on Wednesday night, so next report will be Thursday.


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    WaHhh nice summary. I really appreciate it, keep us informed of the next day!

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    Athensman! How does it feel to be THE ENVY of! LOL

    Thank you for taking the time to report, it's very nice to be able to read comments from someone who watched it all live. Definitely adds a different flavour to it!

    Which other sports are you planning on catching while in Athens?

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