Well i did a search on this and cannot find anything about it. And i think this questions sounds like an equipment question, so correct me if am wrong.

So anyways, my question is this: Is it a good idea when I buy new racket to buy a 4U racket when I have used 2U for most of the time? Or should I try to get a 3U racket so the transition would be easier?) I am currently using a Ti 7 long (not light) and it is the 2UG4 version. I am thinking of getting an Armortec 800 OF (3U or 4U?) (the main point of the question is not if i should buy the racket or not, it is if it is possible to get used to the 4U racket quickly or does it take a while and if a 3U racket is best for a transition into lighter rackets.)

Well it would be best if someone had experience switching from a 2U racket to a 4U racket. (and if you can, can you tell me your experience of this and how you handled it.) Thanks for your time.

*have a nice day*