Hi BCers,

Just bought myself a Yang Yang Willpower 1000, looks and feels like an awesome racket for the price. Just need to get some advice on what kind of string is best suited for the racket. Looking for a more power-based setup, so any input on string choice/tension and grip will be appreciated.

Anyone with experience with this racket or any other Yang Yang rackets please feedback.

Model: Yang Yang Willpower 1000
Frame : Grand Woven Carbon + Muscle Power
Shaft : Hi Modulus 40Tonne Graphite + Grand Woven Carbon
Balance Point: 290mm (Very slightly head heavy)
Weight : 84G (Unstrung)
Shaff Stiffness: Stiff
Max Tension : 28 LBS
Holes: 72 Holes

Also noticed that there's a lack of info on Yang Yang rackets in the market. Feel free to discuss on their new models here. Thanks!