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    Default Making a splash!

    China's olympics gold medallists were in HK and Macau for a quick tour.

    Some of the medallists gave demonstrations with local sportsstars and children. Notably badminton and table tennis. Others did a tour of the Universities.

    In Macau, they all did a singing sesssion - truly popstar status I decline to say wether it was a gold medal singing performance.

    The biggest headlines were made by two divers:

    Tien Liang and Guo Jing Jing.

    Maybe Guo Jing Jing has the higher profile. Everybody is crazy about her. Even the girls at work say how beautiful she looks. She does not have a classical, beautiful face but rather beauty with character (not my words!)

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    Cheung, did u get to meet any of the Olympians while they were in HK?? Zhang jun?? Gao Ling??

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