Hi there!

I played badminton 4 years ago for about 3 years and I was doing quite well. Well I used the Yonex Isometric 300 racket and was very satisfied with this one. When it broke, I stopped playing.

But for now, I wanna start again playing. I played a few times and I'm again fascinated from this sport. Anyway. I read a lot of reviews but I cannot really decide which racket I should go for.
I wanna spend around 100 €. For sure, I wanna get a Yonex again. Are there really so much differences between double-playing rackets and single-playing rackets? Should I go for two cheap rackets then, one for single and one for double? Or are there s.th. like 'intermediate'-rackets as well?

I thought about the Yonex MP-88. I somehow got the feeling that I have to decide my play before I buy the racket. Either I wanna smash or I wanna make better defence.

I appreciate any kind of comments on this issue! Thanks in advance,

greets dani