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Thread: Heel injury

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    Default Heel injury

    I am hoping there are some sport injuries specialists out there that may help me with this injury I have.

    I have played badminton for 14 years, and in January I lunged for a shot doing like a forward split and my left front foot's heel hit the floor pretty hard and took my weight. It was not really the bottom of the heel, but the back leading behind the ankle below the calf. I don't think it is an achilles tendon injury because it seems the pain comes from the surface, like a bruise which isn't there. As it happened in January and now is October, I still get the pain on days when I don't even play badminton. Best way to describe it is like a bruised or jarred heel, but can't be as I have never hit the heel again on that angle since, and playing badminton or not doesn't seem to change it. Luckily its a pain that comes and goes, but kind of annoying when it is there. The only thing that I have found gets rid of the pain is one of those anti-flammatory gels, which is a temporary fix.

    I don't really know another solution and I don't really want to fork out the bucks to go see a quack over a minor injury.

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    I'm no expert but I have a similar injury before. It took a couple of months for the pain to totally go away but occasionally I still feel pain if I land hard on my heel. I did some research before and I read somewhere that the bottom of the heel is protected by a layer of fat andif you land hard on your heel some of the fat under your heel may get pushed to the side, meaning less protection for your heel bone and less shock absorbtion. So additional cushioning is need, buy those heel pad that is inserted into the shoe it might help. I actually put some on my casual shoes since I in them a lot and it doesn't have much shock absorbtion compared to rubber shoes.

    If the problem still persist I guess you have no choice but to see a doctor.

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