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    Default do you know this injury ?


    I'm not sure how to describe it:

    the injury is between the left side of the hip or left side of the butt and the upper leg joint.
    I guess it should be a typical badminton injury but no one knows about it in my club. I think the injury occurs when I make a quick side step.

    It hurts especially when I try to stand up from lying or when I'm lying and trying to move the right leg up.

    does someone have similar experiences, how can this injury be cured?
    the doctor pressed somewhere at the spinal and it maked cracking noises , after a week there are no pains anymore. but after playing, the pain occurs again and again

    I hope someone can help me or explain the injury

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    Not too sure, it sounds like could be your sciatic nerve? See the following link

    but as in all medical cases, best to seek the advice of a profesional, aka Family Doctor.


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