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    Default What do you think of..Candra-Sigit?

    Hej Jonas!!!

    COngratulations on your winning at the Denmark Open!
    I just wanted to know what do you think of the newly-paired Candra and Sigit?
    Will they be a major threat to you? Since they'll take part in the China Open

    Thanks..just want to hear from u

    PS: to other ppl -- i will post article on candra and sigit in china open later

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    Default Yes, of course!!

    Candra and Sigit will be a pair to watch out for and never underestimate them!!

    A shame they were split after the WC because they were the best indonesian pair and could have been a major threat and the olympics because they have the experience!!

    It´s good for the mensdoubles because they have great carisma and is a fun pair to watch!!

    Kind Regards


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