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Thread: Gong Ruina

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    At Kwun's request (and because I have too much time on my hands as a fresh grad), I am translating another article.

    "Belle of the Badminton Industry" Gong Ruina - earlier rumored to be arriving in Shanghai for filming - did so secretly from her home in Changsha yesterday afternoon.

    "I am only here as a guest presenter for a prize presentation ceremony," explained Gong at an interview.

    Career: Retirement after recovery
    In November, Gong Ruina secretly returned to Beijing, having been eliminated from the Women's Singles Competition at the China Open. Then, media speculation had it that Gong left to prepare for the television series "What Do I Love You With?", in which she will star opposite Chyi Chin.

    In reality however, there was a hidden story.

    "I returned to Beijing in advance because my waist injury was worsening."

    Gong explained that her injury had exacerbated upon returning to China after the Athens Olympics.

    "Prior to the China Open, the National Squad went to Sanshui, Guangdong for an exhibition match. At that time, I was already in a terrible state."

    At the end of the China Open therefore, Gong packed her bags in Beijing and returned to her home in Hunan.

    "Training is very intensive in the national team, which makes it very difficult for me to recuperate. After discussing it with the team, the (coaching) director approved my request to return home."

    Back home in Hunan, Gong's pace of life has slowed down significantly.

    "The intervetebral disc at my waist is protruding, exerting pressure on the nerve and causing my left leg to go numb. [I] can only recover gradually."

    Gong is currently still training with the Hunan badminton team.

    Life: Entertainment after retiring
    Gong Ruina said she will return to the national squad for tournament preparations after Lunar New Year.

    "Following the closed-door training at Pujiang this year, I won the Swiss and All-England Open Titles. So I hope I can return to my peak after next year's training and contribute to our quest for the Sudirman Cup."

    But Gong admitted it was not up to her to say if she could return to her original condition.

    "This would depend on the extent of my recovery. Actually, it's very difficult. I might choose to retire after the tournaments next year."

    At present, Zhang Ning, Chen Hong, Gao Ling, Zhang Jun and Xia Xuanze all have applied to be coaches. So, will she take a similar path following retirement?

    To this, Gong replied, "I am definitely not going to be a coach. The responsibilities and pressure involved are far higher than those of a player's. I don't think I have the ability to handle such things."

    Continuing after a momentary pause: "If I were to retire, my first choice would be the entertainment industry. I hope to try a diffrent lifestyle. I do not wish to have only memories of badminton when I grow old."

    Gong said that having played badminton for so many years, she would continue to put heart and soul into another channel - like the athlete she has always been. If opportunities arise in the future, she would try participating in some acting classes to up her degree of professionalism.

    "What" has currently ceased production due to coordination problems among the crew. Gong Ruina will soon return to the national sqaud for training and the possibilities of her appearing in this series are slim.

    To this, Gong expressed, "If it doesn't work out this time round, next time then. There will always be opportunities."

    Relationship: No partner as yet   
    Thanks to "What", rumors have abounded between Gong Ruina and male lead Chyi Chin. Certain media reports state that the duo spend long hours chatting on the phone every night.

    "There is no such thing actually," she said with a shrug, denying the rumor that arose out of nowhere.

    If so, why did she not clarify herself earlier?

    "That's my personality," replied Gong, "I will not make the first move in saying or doing anything. Besides, the more I try to clarify myself, the more the media will whip it up."

    So, who does the belle of the badminton team actually like?

    "To be honest, I do not have any special requirements. The most important thing is the connection between two people."

    Gong Ruina told reporters that she is currently still single.

    "Many people feel I look like someone who would have a boyfriend, so I have no suitors at present."

    Morning Papers Special Correspondent: Ruan Ming Tou
    Translator: Adeline Tan
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    Joey Wong, you mean that Beautiful Magical Ghost? She's at the same generation with Anita Yuen, Maggie Cheung, and Sally Yeh.

    Hmmm, I really missed her, I was her fan and Maggie Cheung.... reflect on my childhood.

    I heard after her retirement at mid 1990's, she became a singer.
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