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    Default submitting Review causes error?

    MySQL error reported!

    Script: uploadproduct

    Query: INSERT INTO rp_products (id,user,userid,cat,date,manu,title,description,ke ywords,bigimage,bigimage2,bigimage3,approved,lastp ost,watermarked,extra1,extra2,extra3,extra4,extra5 ,extra6,ipaddress) values(NULL,'bigredlemon', 966, , 1102756604, 'Wilson', 'SuperTack Overgrip', 'It\\\'s very tacky, and manages to reatain the tackiness for a reasonable amount of time. It\\\'s also their least expensive overgrip. Durability: abysmal. It was literally ripped to shreds after a couple uses. The tacky rubber layer on top is just too thin. Given the thiness of the upper grip layer, you\\\'d think the grip would feel thin too. You\\\'d be wrong. The grip is thicker than I\\\'d like (althogh not unsually thick), to the point where I can\\\'t feel the ridges of the grip underneath. Two Thumbs Down.', '', 'z4705_lg_81c9.jpg', '', '', 0, 1102756604, 'no','','','','','','','')

    Result: You have an error in your SQL syntax near ' 1102756604, 'Wilson', 'SuperTack Overgrip', 'It\\\'s very tacky, and manages to' at line 2

    Database handle: Resource id #20
    That's the error it made. Feel free to add it to the review section if that starts working again.

    edit: whoops I posted the review again except under a different product. I guess you can delete the second attempt.
    Last edited by bigredlemon; 12-11-2004 at 04:21 AM.

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