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    Default 5x7...not so bad after all???

    I must admit I was one of those few who were pretty upset with the IBF for changing the scoring system. I vowed to stick to 3x15, and so did just about every one else I play with at my badminton club.

    However we now have a league that runs parallel to the open play games and the rules for that league require us to use 5x7. Well...I pretty much didn't have a choice...use 5x7 or not play in the league.

    It's been a few times now and I'm actually starting to like 5x7. Previously half way thru a singles game I could potentially get tired and probably be more likely than not to crumble and lose the game. But with the 5x7 my stamina lasts thru the entire game, after which I can also take a little break.

    I expected games to be done within a flash, but maybe it's just me but rallies seem to be longer with my opponents in the league. Maybe its cos both of us cannot "relax more" during a rally as losing 7 points means game over!!!

    I kinda like the 5x7 scoring sytem now...anyone else experienced a similar change of heart?

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    Default Re: 5x7...not so bad after all???

    For more or less the same reasons I sort of agree with you.

    I seem to like 5x7 for singles but 3x15 for doubles though.

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    Default Re: 5x7...not so bad after all???

    yes, you are right, 5x7 or no games. We are playing all of our junior games (not sure about adults) with rules of 5x7 in the next year and I think itīs not so bad. Itīs a new part of my mental training, I will change my mind for 5x7. And I like new things!
    But with doubble Itīs same thing like in singles; game is going to be really fast, faster than now...but it have to take it easy.

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    Default Re: 5x7...not so bad after all???

    There you are, you see? Why fight change. Here at the IBF we know what's best for you. Idisyncratic we may appear from the outside but within we are all heart and want what is best for you and badminton as a whole. Did you hear any complaints from Seville?

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    Default Re: 5x7...not so bad after all???

    agree, for doubles, i still like 3x15

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    Default not a bad idea

    i don't 5x7 for singles occasionally. i would still prefer 5x9 or 3x15, though. definitely, one of these latter options for doubs.

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    Default Re: 5x7...not so bad after all???

    make it 5x9

    and i'll be happy


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